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• Take the BEF-ME diagnostic test and identify your weak areas. Taking the Diagnostic test helps identify student’s learning problems. Results from a diagnostic test can provide students with concrete data to set realistic goals and to help them adjust their study program and focus.

• BEF-ME app has two type of test namely Practice and Refresher Test.
– Practice Problems focused on concepts and principles of mechanical engineering.
– Refresher Test focus on problem solving techniques, familiarization of formulas, analytical skills and a deeper understanding of principles.

• Practice problems has 50 multiple choice questions for each test and Refresher Exam has 20 multiple choice.

• Contains 1500 Practice Problems (500 Problems for Power and Industrial Plant, 500 Problems for Mathematics and 500 Problems for Machine Design) and 180 Refresher Problems (60 Problems for Power and Industrial Plant, 60 Problems for Mathematics and 60 Problems for Machine Design). All the contents and tests will grow exponentially as time goes by.

• It shows a beautiful graphical result indicating your performance for a particular test. You’ll receive immediate result including correct answers including the difficulty levels you have answered correctly.

• Always be updated with the latest news and trends in your profession in News Feed Section.

• See how to input data and learn how to be efficient using the most powerful calculator allowed in board exam.

• Take the advantage of seeing how to solve problems and learn the tricks of it. Statistics says that in an event “people remember 20% of what they read but remembers 80% of what they see”.

• Post your score to Facebook and Twitter and compare it with others

• Detailed Statistics and Reports of students progress

• Make an easy access to the problems by clicking the favorite button. Classify the favorite problems by filtering the subject and topic making it easy to organize and review.

• See your progress and adjust your focus according to your test result/statistics

• See your ranking against all BEF-ME users and be challenge with it.

• With latest past board exam problems

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