EDUCSPACE is short for “education in space” .

About Us:

We are a social venture established to reduce if not eliminate many problems related to Philippine Educational System including equality, quality, and cost. We believe that education is a fundamental Human Right and is one of the most powerful tools to make the world a better place to live.


To make education accessible, affordable, engaging, relevant and adaptable to 21st-century learners. Vision: To make the world a better place to live through education.


To make the world a better place to live through education.


Who we are and what we do?

(video created 2017)



Products and Services:

1. Educspace Reviewer – a reviewer with video solutions (instead of solutions written on the book). It is the most comprehensive mechanical engineering reviewer.
2. Board Exam Fundamentals- Mechanical Engineering” – BEF-ME which is the most powerful tool for those graduate students who will take the Philippine Mechanical Engineering Board Exam. The app can also be used by undergraduates as a supplementary reference for their academics and to have a better view of what lies ahead.
3. – a website that can be used as an alternative or supplement for face to face class.

How to use Educspace platform:

Our Team:

Engr. Dennis Jose Dionisio (Founder)

  • Mechanical Engineer  (6th Placer)
  • Profession Mechanical Engineer – PRC
  • MS.  Management Engineer (AdU)
  • Professional Mechanical Engineer
  • ASEAN Engineer
  • ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer
  • PE, Washington Accord


Engr.  Deolito Dionisio Jr. (Co-founder) 

  • Electrical Engineer (PUP)
  • Master of Electronics (UPLB)
  • Accountancy major in IT (with distinction)
  • Data Scientist


Engr.  Florabel Dionisio-Ignacio (Co-founder) 

  • PE, Washington Accord
  • Chemical Engineer (AdU)
  • Research and Production Engineer


  1. Engr. Andrei Sabater
  2. Pamela Pupa

Back office assistants:

  1. Dianne Gabriel-Garao
  2. Engr. Harold James Soberano

Address: Uyao, Roxas Oriental, Mindoro, Philippines